COVID-19, Trump and the Brave New World

2020 seems to have borrowed its disheveled prose from some dystopian nightmare Orwell had whilst completing 1984… the words and sentiments which would be the most appropriate to describe this year seem the least likely to redeem their allure with any insight into the causal nature of this bizarre reality we find ourselves in. Perhaps most striking to me personally has been the novelty of the sheer magnitude of the event – in my life unprecedented despite my own first-person turbulence. It seems, having gone from relatively few global WTF moments to a never ending series of them, has the immediate effect of making the lack of precedent seem suddenly strange and incredibly lucky. We do, after all, inhabit a spinning rock hurtling through space at breakneck speed. Said rock has already experienced not just 1 but 5 major extinction events and yet we seem mostly disappointed that things aren’t better – shouldn’t we wonder why they aren’t worse?!

I’m deeply saddened to see our country so divided and confused while some greedy politicians and businessmen line their pockets with fraudulent government loans and campaign contributions. It makes me sad not just because of the misfortune it brings, but because of the futility of our aimlessness in bringing about the necessary changes to fix our planetary problems, our energy and food crisis… we need a scientifically literate public that votes and has time and access to decided how to think and act. We need a government and infrastructure which will support us specializing to higher and higher degrees without continuing to increase profits in education, healthcare and housing. We need to mature enough as a species to overcome our most base problems if we are going to have a serious chance at survival. It’s easy to write a blog post about what’s wrong with the world, it’s much harder to say or do something about it which actually helps. I’d like, anyway I can. In a big way, music is what I’m able to give to the cause, something which is deeply meaningful to me and which I believe can connect us all regardless of race, religion or creed.

So, if you’re with me, let us be the change we wish to see. If we don’t know let us admit our ignorance and begin the journey towards truth. If we are afraid let us go forward anyway, knowing that it is worse to live in fear. If it is dangerous let us be prepared, since danger must be handled if it can’t be avoided. Most importantly let us do these things together because without family, friends… life is utterly meaningless and void any light or joy. With this is leave you, and say to you that I love you, for caring enough to read this, for searching for purpose, for finding it.

Published by Cooper Walker

Los Angeles born and based singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist.

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